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"Darkness there, and nothing more."

i think it’s coming back and i’m so scared

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I’m covered in bruises and hickeys

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This website is like a suicide hotline but with text chat instead.  I would appreciate it if you guys helped spread the word.

Guys, seriously. Signal boost. I needed this the other night, and a few weeks ago I was talking with someone who needed it. This is the best freaking thing ever. 


I am so glad I found this. I hate calling hotlines. this is perfect, everyone must know.

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hey friend

dont kill yourself tonight ok

you have a really pretty smile and i know its not always easy to manage one but itd be a bummer if we never had the chance to see it ever again

youre really important and you matter a lot so stay safe and try and have a nice sleep

I would like a moment to thank the people who reblog post like this so that it eventually shows on my dash.

It is keeping me alive

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I want someone who I can do sockslides with and who I can get drunk and watch TV with and who I can cuddle with and who I can talk to and who wears hoodies and jeans and messy hair a crown I want a fucking fairy tale romance like the ones they write about

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Listen to me, you can’t fix people.
Your love won’t make him stop hating his father
and your devotion won’t cure her of her childhood.
All you can do is be there, violets sprouting out
from your ribs, acceptance on your lips, your own
wounds still bleeding and all you can do is be there
and sometimes that’s enough, sometimes that’s everything.

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"The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink."
T.S. Eliot (via bookporn)

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"It is awful to want to go away and to want to go nowhere."
Sylvia Plath (via stxxz)

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on depression-

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if i wrote my name with a razorblade on the palm of your hand, would it still fade?
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